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My friend...
I always wonder what had went wrong between us.
From best friends to complete strangers, why?
All the jokes we cracked together, silly fights, the tears from ur eyes when you had said once that u jus can't stop being my friend.
All those are the memories which i treasure the most.
And suddenly one day came... Making everything upside down, destroying everything and here we are...
Your place in my heart s vacuum as it is n you're nowhere near...
What had went wrong for punishing you lik this? What had went wrong?


This one's for one of my very best friends Ankitha.
She jus had asked me jokingly to create something for her, n here it is.
Sharing wit you people also...

"I always think of you whenever i see a little child's face.
Your childish nature always brings smile back to my face...
I always wonder how can you still be a little kid and face this world.
Your innocence your child like caring are the assets which are very rarely seen around the world these days.
Lucky to have you as my best friend dear...
Lucky to get you as my treasure..."


When you meet the right person, you'll know she's th one whom you've been searching for...
She's the one wit th face you've been trying to picturize on other faces.
She's the one for whom your heart was beating till then.
It'll be lik you knew her since ages.
Her smile, her eyes full of love to you everything wil seem so familiar.
You'll realize that your world has transformed into a heaven.
Will find yourself madly n deeply in luv wit her...!


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