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What if we had met a little earlier?

What if we knew each other since long ago?

What if our friendship had never been broken?

What if i had never lost you?

What if we are still friends?

What if there is a way to get back into the past and correct every single thing which had went wrong?


Since some days, whenever i'm seeing you some strange feeling arises in my heart.

Words get blocked, breathing becomes heavy, i feel like a fish pulled out of water.

I just wanted to tell you how I feel for you.

Just wanted you to know how much i feel for you.

Just wanted you to know how much i love you.

Wanted to make you realize that you're the same person who came in my dreams.

Thus I had prepared a speech for you but,

Looking at your eyes, i could only tell...

I Love You


When i first opened my eyes to this world, everybody were so happy to see me.
I was the most popular person around the block.
They kissed me, held me in their arms, cuddled me which i liked very much.
Days passed, i was so happy as i got many friends at school.
Felt really sad when one of them refused to give me back my pencil.
But on the next day when she was absent in class as she was ill, i had my silent tears for her.
Days passed by i'm meeting her less as she joined another college but she was in my thoughts all along.
Got only occasional smiles from her.
These smiles made me realize that she was the meaning of my life.
She was filled in my every breath. And that made me tell her what she meant for me.
We started out a new journey together.
Shared each single moment together.
All the joy, all the hardships, we still never stopped loving each other.
I still remember the day when i had to leave her.
I laid on her lap, she held my hand tightly.
Tears were flowing from her eyes and slowly i closed mine forever.
I was taken through the golden gate of heaven...

Now when her teardrop fell on my grave, i'm realizing again that...

Heaven was where i was with her...


Love, the beautiful it seems from outside, more complicated it gets from inside.
People seem to be happy from outside but they're filled with tensions beneath.
Tears are there smiles are there, its just a magical world.
Dreams are dreamt, promises are made, new hopes are filled in life.
Its like a chain which controls you all the time, but everyone is just too happy to wear it.
Coz its all magic!


An attempt to give written version of a photoshop magic created by Shaazz.
Titled "Why Not Me?" Hope You like it...

"When we fell in love with each other, we had realized that there exists heaven...
When we exchanged our hearts for being together forever, that bought meaning to our lives.
In happiness and sorrow we were one.
We were in our own dreamworld where no rules and regulations apply.
How happy we were together?
As if there were no one else in this world...
We wanted to be like this forever.
But suddenly one day came...
You said to me "We Can't Be Together like this. Our ways are different."
And you went on your road.
I was left alone.
One thought lingered in my mind since long

"Why Couldn't We?"


Original Creation Here...


When we were helpless, you gave us shelter under your wings.
Inspite of being alone, struggled each day to feed us.
Saw nothing else but us all your life.
Whenever we were depressed you were there as a solace.
Made yourself strong so that we should be strong.
Taught us not to loose our individuality in this world.
Taught us the values of live which really makes a human complete.
All these times you didn't ask for anything in return.
Even if we may not tell you that we love you often, there is something which is the truth.
There is only one god for us, and that is none other than you.
There is nobody else who is like you...
We are really blessed because we were born as your children.
Love You A Lot Mom... Love You A Lot...


Life is a complicated journey. There may light there may be darkness.
If there is a fall there is a rise.
If you feel there is complete darkness around you, if you happen to feel that you're left alone, just close your eyes n think about me.
When you feel insecure, when you feel like crying just hold my arms and lean on my shoulders.
I may not be able to solve all the problems in your life, but atleast i can bring some light to this darkness.
Just can bring a little smile on the sad face.
Just reach out for me and i'll be always there besides you.
Just to fill the little space for a friend in your heart...


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