£øne£y Ðreamer!

Collection of My Thoughts Dreams And Feelings...

Since long time I'm thinking to tell you how I feel.

Came in front of you hoping i'll be able to tell you everything.

Each time i just stammered.

Whenever I failed i said to myself to try next time.

Many next times passed by and still i'm here not able to express everything.

I decided to write it all and give it to you.

Strange thing is that once again my mind is going blank.

Each time i write down something, i feel its not good enough. I write again and erase it again.

I just don't know what to write for you.

Just one thing I know, whatever i'm writing, it'll be meant for only one person.

Just for one person who's my everything.

And that person is only you & no one else!


Since some days, you're face is disturbing me again and again.

Whenever I close my eyes, I can see you smiling at me.

Whenever I try to write something, I end up writing your name alone.

Whenever I see a rose, I feel like giving it to you.

I don't even know what you think of me.
Can't predict what'll be your reaction when you find this out.

Just got a strong feeling that this's gonna work out somehow.

Oh baby I gotta tell you this, you're the one for me...


You can either swim along the flow of river or swim against it.

Can either choose the well worn path or clear the woods for making your own path.

Can choose either to live someone else's life or live your own.

You can choose either to be happy with the life god gifted you or be fussy with that all the time.

Whatever you do only one thing matters...


Choice is the only thing which makes all the difference...

Choose wisely and live your life to the max!


When i walk down this road, I can only see darkness around me.

Sorrow, fear, confusion, bad luck are laughing making fun of me.

I can see myself walking alone in the darkness.

But a strange voice in me is urging me to move forward.

Saying that one day life'll be beautiful.

One day everything'll be back to normal.

And i'm walking through this darkness with the help of those four letters.



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