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Announcing the merger of £øne£y Ðreamer! - http://www.lonelydreamer.co.cc/ & Blog De SoorajKeshav! - http://www.SoorajKeshav.wordpress.com

It all started on March 19th 2010. And both grew with over 50 posts and more than 700 page visits within a short time.

On this very Janmashtami day, on the day which marks b'day of Lord Sri Krishna, i'm really happy that this is gonna be a new begining.

New look and new address for Blog De SoorajKeshav!

Keep reading my works published at Blog De SoorajKeshav! at http://www.soorajkeshav.com

This Blog will be taken down within a week or so. Kindly keep in touch with me in the new website...

Thank you all for your valuable support given throughout all these days. Keep reading...

SoorajKeshav/- a.k.a £øne£y Ðreamer!


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