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When i first opened my eyes to this world, everybody were so happy to see me.
I was the most popular person around the block.
They kissed me, held me in their arms, cuddled me which i liked very much.
Days passed, i was so happy as i got many friends at school.
Felt really sad when one of them refused to give me back my pencil.
But on the next day when she was absent in class as she was ill, i had my silent tears for her.
Days passed by i'm meeting her less as she joined another college but she was in my thoughts all along.
Got only occasional smiles from her.
These smiles made me realize that she was the meaning of my life.
She was filled in my every breath. And that made me tell her what she meant for me.
We started out a new journey together.
Shared each single moment together.
All the joy, all the hardships, we still never stopped loving each other.
I still remember the day when i had to leave her.
I laid on her lap, she held my hand tightly.
Tears were flowing from her eyes and slowly i closed mine forever.
I was taken through the golden gate of heaven...

Now when her teardrop fell on my grave, i'm realizing again that...

Heaven was where i was with her...



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