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When we were helpless, you gave us shelter under your wings.
Inspite of being alone, struggled each day to feed us.
Saw nothing else but us all your life.
Whenever we were depressed you were there as a solace.
Made yourself strong so that we should be strong.
Taught us not to loose our individuality in this world.
Taught us the values of live which really makes a human complete.
All these times you didn't ask for anything in return.
Even if we may not tell you that we love you often, there is something which is the truth.
There is only one god for us, and that is none other than you.
There is nobody else who is like you...
We are really blessed because we were born as your children.
Love You A Lot Mom... Love You A Lot...



Wow..great..why dont you start a wordpress blog..i will give you one for free

good one!!!

Thank You...:)

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